Monday, February 8, 2016

Platform Details - Echoes of the Past

I started this blog to post old text with new comments - so this post is a little different, but it's certainly looking back, so it fits category-wise.
These are  not attractive pictures by any means, but they record things commonly seen in the past that have nearly disappeared.  Above is (obviously) a kind of sink, which can be especially nice in the summer.  These used to be very common but are now quite rare.
Above - a spot where a public telephone stand used to be.  With cell phones and whatnot, people hardly ever use public phones these days, so they are becoming rare, although they are still to be found here and there.
It took me a minute to notice this - the sawed off metal posts in the middle - but noticing them, I got an immediate flashback to the way they used to have advertising on poles between platform seats.  This type of (fiberglass) seat is gradually being replaced by new types and the small advertising space these used to provide has been (on JR in any case) replaced with larger ad space - typically advertising upcoming concerts by overseas artists.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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